We’re pleased to be able to welcome new customers, after several weeks when this wasn’t appropriate or practically possible. We have plenty of outdoor space for correctly distanced handovers, and a protocol established for sanitised handing over keys and paperwork.

Our friends and suppliers are also now bringing their businesses back up to speed, so we can offer our usual Care packages including valeting, detailing, MOTs, remedial mechanical work and body and paintwork repair and renewal.

While we’ve been on the quiet side we’ve been watching the online auctions, both existing like The Market and Collecting Cars, as well as the established traditional auction houses like Silverstone Auctions and CCA as they take their operations online. There have been some great cars selling, and the potential for bargains is excitingly real. It seems that Lockdown hasn’t dulled Classic Car enthusiasts’ passion for lovely old things!

Don’t forget that you can transport your any new purchase straight to us – and we can arrange the transport too.

So if you’re thinking of making room for a new purchase, or storing a car you’ve just bought, just give us a call!

We’ll be changing the plugs on an Armstrong Siddeley, refitting the chrome on a ’30s Vauxhall and trying to squeeze a few more horsepower out of our Viva GT, but will get right back to you!

It may be some time before we can enjoy our cars properly, but enjoy the anticipation and keep safe and dreaming . . . .

HERO Summer Trial Rally (12-14/07/2019). ©Photo F&R Rastrelli / Blue Passion Photo