One of our charges has just had an exciting day out on a photoshoot. We were able to put a collector customer in touch with a journalist at, a growing enthusiast web-based magazine aiming to showcase the personality of cars and the people behind them. are featuring a story on the new Subaru WRX STi and were looking for a classic top of the range Subaru to photograph alongside it. What better than the legendary millennium classic, the Prodrive Impreza P1. The best British sports car of the era in our opinion! When we say we offer Classic Car Storage, we mean all Classics – it is what sets the heart pulsing that counts.

A date was set, and true to our ethos of being about more than just car storage, we prepared the car, collected the London based owner from the station here in Hampshire and sent them on their way to the New Forest, secure in the knowledge that they car was looking its best, and ready to go.

There had been plans to base the shoot in the wilds of Wiltshire, or somewhere picturesque in Berkshire or Oxfordshire. There had even been talk of the Brooklands Museum in Surrey! But we think the beautiful heathland location suggests a hint of the Rally pedigree of the Subarus, and with their distinctive colouring and somewhat less than discrete styling they look wonderful!

On return the P1 was washed and returned to its dehumidified home. We believe that in caring for your investment it is important to get out and use the cars – we’re sure they like it and it does actually do them good, keeping moving parts fresh and seals oiled. And the look on the owner’s face as we bundled him back onto the 17.45 said it all – A day to remember!