Some say an old car is just an old car. Or maybe an asset held in metal, paint and rubber?

How wrong can they be?

We believe that an old car can be an introduction to a fascinating story, as they represent a chance to look at the worlds they have lived in, the people they have known and the times they have lived through. We have forgotten, or are maybe too young to know, the context into which many of our classics arrived. We love to look back at the history both of the cars, their owners and their place in the wider story of past years.

We offer a bespoke historical research service for any vehicle – Let us create your Classic Car Story

We can offer several levels of research, the two most popular being:

– looking into past ownership with a view to establishing provenance and discovering information specific to the car that could enhance it’s value.

– creating a history file for a car that contains not only information relating to provenance, but delving deeper into the characters and locations involved, and building this into a historical context to create a true Classic Car Story.

A Classic Car Story makes a wonderful gift for an owner, and we can offer the Story as a book in a variety of finishes from a loose leaf folder to a leather bound handbook, and to suit a variety of budgets.