When the call came though asking if we’d like a place on the track at Goodwood, there could only be one answer! With a manufacturer ditching a prebooked day, the track became available through the Hampshire branch of the TVR Car Club, and as members of the neighbouring Wiltshire region, we’re on the list.

But what to take? The last time this happened we attended in our 1993 TVR Griffith, a fearsome beast for what was a damp day in November. Standing water and a pheasant in the middle of the track at St. Mary’s are some abiding memories from a day when the TVR was one of the few cars not to fall foul of the conditions and go for a bit of gardening.

But this time Blackpool’s finest was resting under it’s cover, and although usually up for anything, really needed a bit of TLC before being launched into a day of hard work.

So it was the Viva! We know what this car has been doing since 1972 – we’re in regular touch with it’s owner from 1972! We’re still researching, but many hours of work have proved incredibly rewarding. This car has had a life all right! Now, in racing guise and set up as an evocation to the late Sixties cars from the early days of the Bill Blydenstein and Gerry Marshall Vauxhall racing success, this was the one!

Well, what a day! Glad we took the spanners, but the Viva was a star. The points had seen better days, so we were a bit down on power, but did that matter? No! We were flat out pretty much the whole way round, and looking great!

What is it about old cars? With a paddock full of lovely newer motors, it was the blast from the past that everyone was interested in! Vauxhall Viva HB – everyone should have one. We’ve got two, actually . . . . .

Back from Wales – with a prize!